NeckFace: Continuously Tracking Full Facial Expressions on Neck-mounted Wearables (IMWUT '21)

Tuochao Chen*, Yaxuan Li*, Songyun Tao*, Hyunchul Lim, Mose Sakashita, Ruidong Zhang, Francois Guimbretiere, Cheng Zhang

*: contribute equally to the work


C-Face: continuously reconstructing facial expressions by deep learning contours of the face with ear-mounted miniature cameras (UIST ’20) 

Tuochao Chen, Benjamin Steeper,  Kinan Alsheikh, Songyun Tao, Francois Guimbretiere, Cheng Zhang


ThumbTrak: Recognizing Micro-finger Poses Using a Ring with Proximity Sensing (MobileHCI '21)

Wei Sun, Franklin Mingzhe Li, Congshu Huang, Zhenyu Lei, Benjamin Steeper, Songyun Tao, Feng Tian, Cheng Zhang



FingerTrak: Continuous 3D Hand Pose Tracking by Deep Learning Hand Silhouettes Captured by Miniature Thermal Cameras on Wrist. (Acknowledged) (IMWUT)/Ubicomp’20

Fang Hu, Peng He, Songlin Xu, Yin Li, Cheng Zhang